Quality Control

The following characteristics are the main areas that affect the quality of rice.
      Should be translucent, Minimum off-colour grains and chalky grains.
Length of grain:
      Each grain should pass our length sorting machine.
     Our rice is polished to achieve a smooth surface. This can prevent the potential problem of mould growth. Polished rice has a glossy appearance and tastes better.
      We choose only the rice with the best fragrance.
      We use the most advanced Japanese equipment to remove all unwanted materials like stones, metals, strings and soil.
      Some other rice brands may harvest their crop before it has reach full maturity and therefore may lose some of the nutritional benefits. We take great care to make sure that our rice has reached the right maturity.
     There are hundreds of different varieties of rice and each one has different characteristics. We place great importance to make sure that we provide the best variety of fragrant rice possible.

Photo of Palm Rice







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